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Stone is a versatile material that has the inherent 店舖裝修設計 power of a mountain born strength within it. It is a force of nature, a connection to the world beyond our own, and as such, it is a powerful decorating tool in the home. This has led to the popular rise of stone beverage coasters, functional accessories designed to stand between a sweaty glass, and the perfection of your surfaces. These pieces serve a dual function, both as precautionary devices, and as decorative items.

One of the great things about using coasters in a decorative design is that there are such a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and style to choose from. Each one has its own peculiar properties, with some being more durable, some being more elegant, and others having varying degrees of absorbency. It is important to note the properties of the particular type you choose in order to ensure that you can do your best to care for and maintain these pieces.

Slate is one of the most resilient materials you can find coasters made of. It’s strong, durable, and reliable. It is also slightly porous, so it will absorb the moisture from a glass. Sandstone is a similar material. Not quite as hard as slate, sandstone is also highly absorbent, making it prized in this faculty. Marble is non absorbent, but the surface of this material can take a high hone, allowing it to glisten with shimmering polished beauty.

There are three major styles of gemstone coasters available. You have natural colors. These can be red, black, green, blue, any color of the rainbow. The surface of the stone is simply that color, as formed beneath the earth over thousands of years. Usually these colors won’t be solid, but instead will have a wavering, cloudy consistency, or a slight gradient of pattern, that makes it more real, more natural than a man made coaster would be.

The second style are multi-colors. These are natural colors, but rather than being solid, they are a multitude of hues, arranged in unique patterns on each and every piece. These colors can consist of anything, swirling reds, shimmering blues, and bursts of golden hue, almost anything you can imagine. The colors are formed in the stone during its formation, and are based on the chemicals present at the time that it was being developed. The great thing about these coasters is that each one is a unique work of natural art, and so you have the chance to have a set of one of a kind natural pieces in your home.

The third style is picture coasters. These are pieces which are made from natural stone, and then are printed with varying images. These images can be full color, black and white, or merely stamped pictures imprinted on the surface of the stone. With this option, your piece could look like pretty much anything you want, and if you’re willing to buy in bulk, many places will create custom coasters for you.

Decorating with coasters is about finding ways to make them compliment the room around you. With the wide variety of colors, styles, and options available, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect set for your home. All you have to do is take your time, and shop around, searching for the best possible piece for your setting.

Decorating the walls of your shop. The first thing you need to attack is the walls. A bare wall gives out one simple message…which is blank. In fact, without proper office or shop décor on the walls, it makes the place very unwelcoming and dull. Who do you think would walk into a shop that has bare walls that sings an uninviting song? To entice your customers to walk into your shop and purchase something from your shop, you’ll need to use the right color for the walls…some shade or color that attracts the right customers. If you want the walls décor to give out a warm and welcoming feeling, you can use a darker shade; on the other hand, if you want to make your customers feel happy to be in the shop, color your walls with a lighter shade. Then use some clever slatwall panels to decorate and display your products.

Give your shop décor an alive feel. Apart from decorating the shop’s walls, you’ll have to add plants into the shop décor as well. Having a couple of potted plants will instantly give the place an ‘alive’ feel and your staff and the people who walk into your shop will feel less removed from the outside world. Each type of plant gives out different signals, so play with the type of plants that you use to decorate your shop. If it’s within your budget, assign someone to come into your shop to work out the décor and accentuate the placement of the plants with lighting. Having plants as part of your shop décor can be tricky, though because plants require maintenance. However, you can hire people to take care of your plants for you or you could actually ‘rent’ the plants for your office décor.

Don’t mix and match concepts and furniture in your shop. Maintain a consistent look throughout your shop’s décor. It would give the customers a very mix-and-match feel when they walk into your shop when the furniture don’t match. For instance, you can’t very well decorate your shop with an antique piece together with a modern looking sofa in your shop. It would give the customers a really odd feeling. What you want to avoid with your shop décor is to give it a ‘thrown together’ feel…you want it to shout, CLASS ACT instead of ‘last minute thrown in together’.

Clear the clutter. And of course, just as any professional shop décor artiste or designer can tell you, clutter is an absolute no-no. It’s been said before so keep this clear in your mind…a clear desk clears the head even before you sit down and start your work. This principle applies to your shop décor. Keep things that should not be seen in your shop tucked away in a storeroom…for instance, stuff that you don’t use very often or products that you don’t intend to sell. Don’t leave boxes of products lying strewn all over the place. Ask your staff to regularly check and rearrange the products on the display areas, the desk, the slatwall display unit and of course, the walls. Some customers tend to pick up products and then leave them somewhere they don’t belong. Your staff should make it a point to return the item back to where they belong.

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