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There are no established 下巴生瘡 causes of acne on the jaw, which usually occur in people in adulthood, and not in adolescent girls. This problem surprises most people who in their teens thought that their problems with acne and acne are over, and now they can forget about skin problems.

Acne of the jaw appears on the jaw, cheeks, chest, back and buttocks, usually in women after adolescence. Unlike teenage acne, it is a painful problem and is facilitated by many factors. The blackheads on the jaw are also found deep in the tissues and unlike the pimples that bothered the teenager, and were only on the surface of the skin. This one lies deeply and leaves scars that are also much deeper. This is called cystic acne, and if left untreated immediately, they can leave terrible deep scars that require many invasive methods to get rid of.

The jawbone causes pimples in adults and especially in women due to hormonal problems and hormonal insufficiency. This may be due to the consumption of too many dairy products rich in hormones. If the cause of acne on the jaw is diagnosed due to hormonal insufficiency, the use of birth control pills may help. On the other hand, if dairy products are to blame, it is better not to consume them for a while and see if the pimples will disappear.

Sometimes the cause may be certain cosmetic products, so it is better to check them and see what the reason may be. Sometimes the cause of pimples on the jaw is too fat moisturizer, clogging the pores of the face. Hair sprays and other hair products used too close to the face are another cause of pimples on the jaw, as they clog pores and cause acne. The use of oil on the hair, especially when it hits the face, is another reason for the blockage of pores, which in some women causes pimples in the jaw area. If there is a tendency to form acne, you should avoid using the base and crepe cosmetics, which are sometimes used by women. It is better not to use on the face things that can cause a problem with pimples on the jaw, and even more so when you are prone to it.

Acne, which affects both 下巴生暗瘡 adolescents and adults of all races, usually occurs on the face, neck, chest and back. No matter where the epidemic occurs, the cause is usually the same: excess sebum production. But acne on some parts of the body can be aggravated in other ways. For example, the symptoms of acne on the jaw are caused by other factors, not the production of sebum.

Collect the long hair back.

Symptoms of jaw pimples can occur when the hair comes into contact with the jawbone, which is common in people with longer hair. Hair contains oils that contribute to the appearance of acne. That’s why it’s so important not to let the hair get on your face, including the chin line. Hair that fits tightly to the face, even if they are clean, often cause pimples or slow down the healing process of current pimples.

Don’t touch your face with your hands.

When we put our heads in our hands, we often hold our hands on our jaws, raising our heads high. It also contributes to the appearance of acne symptoms on the jaw because our hands contain oils that cause pimples. It is important not to touch all parts of the face.

Makeup contributes to the appearance of pimples

Acne on the jaw can also be caused by the use of makeup. Make-up has the property to stick to the folds of the face. This clogs the pores and causes pimples. Try to avoid makeup or use hypoallergenic or skin-sensitive makeup. Be sure to take off your make-up before going to bed.

Sweat is the main factor in the appearance of pimples

Sweat is another factor that causes pimples. When sweat flows down our face, it often stays on our jaws for a minute or two and then falls off our skin. Sweat contains oils and toxins that cause pimples. In activities that cause sweating, try using a head bandage to keep the sweat from coming off your face, remove the bandage and wash well after sweating.

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