How To Sponsor A Child In Need

Daarom werken kindersponsors samen met gemeenschappen om de grondoorzaken van armoede voor kinderen op te lossen, met essentiële zaken zoals schoon water, voedzaam voedsel, gezondheidszorg, onderwijs, bescherming en economische kansen. Wanneer u een kind bij ons sponsort, is de begunstigde van uw steun uw individueel gesponsorde kind. De families van kinderen in ons sponsorprogramma ontvangen extra of indirecte voordelen van de sponsoring van hun kind, maar onze focus ligt op het enige kind.

This ensures that more than one person may benefit from a singular beneficiary, all of which would overall benefit the whole community. Organisations may offer both individual and collective sponsorships which give sponsors the choice. Child sponsorship is a type of fundraising in which a charitable organization associates a donor sponsor with a particular child beneficiary.

Directly giving the cash amount of your sponsorship donation to your child’s family may seem like a fast and easy way to help, and on occasion we do give cash to help families meet immediate identified needs. But in our more than 60-year history, we have found that the key to helping families achieve lasting stability and self-reliance is through tools and resources that empower them over the long-term. We then guide and support parents as they learn, grow and create a more stable life for their children.

Our sponsors come from countries across the world, as do our sponsored children. In a number of countries, residents can also sponsor children from their own country, which is empowering for everyone. Your donations are pooled with those of sponsors of other children in the same area and used to meet the greatest needs of your sponsored child’s community.

If your sponsored child lives in a care center or foster family, we put your sponsorship donation toward both in-kind supplies like formula and food as well as funds to meet your sponsored child’s needs. Whether your sponsored child lives with their family or in care, our on-the-ground staff closely tracks their progress — ensuring their needs are met and they have everything they need to grow and thrive. ​You can exchange letters Sponsor a Child and photos, and even visit your sponsored child, but we don’t just give sponsored children money each month. ​You will transform the life of your sponsored child, as well as the lives of other children in the community – giving them clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education and a way to earn a living. The majority of charitable organisations receive money from sponsors which are combined with donations from other donors.

Consequently, their child is guaranteed full meals, medical check-ups and access to an education system. For these reasons, sponsoring a child is a powerful and efficient way to reduce child poverty. I agree with many of your points, especially those regarding simply providing sponsorship in isolation within a community.

During the first years of operation, CCT used a child sponsorship program to raise funds. CCT donors would sponsor a child and receive semi-annual letters from their sponsored child. This was a successful fundraising strategy and is still used by many children’s charities around the world. It was not until the CCT team noted that some of the children had formed unusual links with their sponsors, but began to reconsider whether child sponsorship was causing harm to children. Children International is a global humanitarian organization connecting people in the fight to end poverty for good.