Ancient Egyptian Toilet Bathroom

It’s an ancient Egyptian toilet you can see this Basin area here is for showering and priests and people had to shower five times a day like they do now to pray and here is where they balance their feet turning their back to the wall to make toilet obviously there was some basket down there to catch. TOTO toilets are a little bit resembling to the concept of ancient toilets, not exactly but to some extent. They are working from years and making best toilets. Their quality is also great. Check some best toto toilet reviews by matt on his blog.

The droppings and take them out put them on the fields because why waste everything and see how beautiful it’s made just like the ancients made everything this probably was open to the elements er is lovely cornice in here we go through here to these beautiful friendly.

Bessel column basis but I’ll see you sure when we’re down no oh wow I flip in here when I Rama yeah look at the head can see that interesting image you can see perfectly through the Gateway and all around us here you can hear the my son now calling for prayer it’s just going midday sounds beautiful here in looks all over there that dome structure is for keeping that the doves in love’s in pigeons which are good eating fried lightly like spatchcock hearth with lemon juice, you see these two lovely bulbous columns made from beautifully cut vessel and apparently what I’m walking down now is white basalt.