I was raised in a middle class family in Long Grove , Iowa . The exception being three years spent in West Germany where my father worked. I do not know what the ‘typical’ childhood would be but I hope it is like mine. I still have a close circle of friends I made growing up. If I could change anything it would be the drinking. Alcohol became part of my life at a young age and I battle the addiction to this day.

I graduated from North Scott High School in 1982. My grades were below average as were my mile times. If I were in school today there would surely be some unpronounceable learning disorder tagged on me. The Pirate blames instead a restless mind and an urge to wander for my poor academic performance. One must be accountable to himself to stay honest.

Two months of college was enough. I dropped out and went to work at a horse stable. They had also employed me during High School. Working with horses was dangerous, low paying hard work. The people I worked for, Jim and Sue Bader were an example of all the best in human beings. I worked for them from 1980 until 1991. That year I started working for Safety Kleen Corporation. That year I also met my wife Mary Beth, we were married in 1992. We have two children Alaina and Rowan who we love dearly. That doesn’t mean there aren’t days we would not sell them to the circus.

January of 2002 changed my life entirely. I was operating a vacuum truck for SK when I ruptured a disc in my lower back. Four years, a couple of dozen epidural injections and three surgeries later I was granted disability. I wish this Pirate could say I have faced the last few years with bravery and dignity. That would not be the truth. Chronic persistent pain left me beaten. The strength of my wife and love for my kids is what kept me alive.

Greater details of my life will be shared in my blog thru the coming months. Feel free to ask me what you will. The Pirate has no press secretary or image consultants. This is why I am the only candidate who can engage in open honest dialogue. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my campaign and hope you can find the courage to vote in November

James F. Hill